October 25, 2008

Proverbs 31 Bible Study - Being a Wife part 2

This was an absolutely wonderful lesson! I learned so much from it. I first became interested in becoming a submissive wife right before Tim and I got married. We had been going to church for a little while and I was getting more interested. Well then we asked Tim's aunt to do a reading for us and she suggested the submissive scripture from Ephesians (can't remember the exact verse right now). I loved it! That's exactly what I wanted to incorporate into the wedding. Well fast forward to the wedding and some people took offense to that verse! I know why....because we are in this ultra feminist phase where even men find that demeaning! I mean come on! I didn't care because it was my wedding and that's what I wanted put in there but it's just funny. So on to the study!
Amy shared the following thoughts:
1) Although we should have an overall vision for our life and marriage, each day should be focused on with the greatest intent.
We should be serving side by side instead of living in 2 separate worlds while under the same roof. I completely agree with this. All to much husbands and wives seem like roommates more than husband and wife. It's very sad. Marriages often turn into conveniences. They split the bills, the responsibilities, have separate interests. No wonder so many marriages fail. They have to be a partnership. The definition of marriage is: the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc. You have to decide today that Divorce is not an option. Divorce has to be a big scary and dirty four letter word! That's the way that we need to think about it. Amy suggests that you make a new decision each day to show love to your husband. That is because love is an action. Many people say that they fall out of love with their spouses. If only they would try doing something lovingly towards their spouses, I'm sure that they would fall back in love with them!
2) Submission is not a dirty, four letter word.
Some people think it is though. They have completely the wrong idea about submissive. Someone has to be in charge. That's the way it is everywhere. But it doesn't mean that this person is the sole person making decisions. There are checks and balances just like the government. And women are allowed to give their input and disagree with their husbands but they need to know when enough is enough and allow their husbands to make the final decision. At the same time, that means that the man is responsible for that final decision. Amy says that submission is for your protection. She goes on to illustrate that if a soldier told you to follow them, you would. You trust that the soldier is going to protect you. Why not your husband? Maybe he's made some decisions in the past that you didn't agree with or that put you in a bad place. You have to trust that your husband will make mistakes.....you sure do! Your husband will learn from his mistakes. Pray to God for him to learn from those mistakes and pray that he will consult God before making every decision.
3) Be so faithful to your husband that it is reflected in your speech.
Why is it that we are meanest to the people that we love the most? We are so politically correct and thoughtful and think before we speak with the public but that all goes out the window when we talk to our loved ones, especially our spouses. I know that you should be able to tell your spouse the truth...honesty is very important, but so is compassion and kindness. Our spouses fight everyday in the real world, horrible temptations, mean and nasty people. I want my husband to want to come home because I provide him with a warm and kind place to replenish his spirit. Also, don't complain about your husband to your friends. That makes him look like less than a man! If you won't speak his praises, who will?
Scripture for Memory
Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
Ephesians 4:32
Hope you enjoyed this week's lesson, go see Amy for more and to join in!

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