September 11, 2008

Changed My Background!

I was bored with my old background so I changed it! Hope you like it!

Thrifty Thursday's

Sorry I haven't posted any tips lately! I have been trying to settle into married life....which I love! My tip for today is for a free magazine! I love magazines and they can get quite costly so this satisfies me for awhile. It is for Kraft Food and Family Magazine and they send them out quarterly. You can sign up at They have tons of great recipes and tips.They also sometimes have coupons! Now I'm not big on using brand name items for my cooking but I just take their recipes and switch them to generics and life is great! They also have ideas on how to make the recipes more healthy. This issue is awesome! They have a bruschetta chicken bake and lots of comfort foods for fall! Go sign up!

September 9, 2008

Only Women Can Be Mothers

I found this post by Tami at A Godly Homemaker very interesting. You should go over and check it out!

CVS Shopping

Well I have finally decided to get a CVS card and try to start saving money that way. I have read so much about how women stock up and only spend pennies on their toiletries so I thought it was worth a try. Crystal over at Money Saving Mom does a great job of explaining it. She has deals posted weekly and monthly and a guide here explaining how to go about your CVS shopping. I would highly recommend checking her out before attempting to go to CVS. It'll take me a few weeks to get going (I applied for a card online) so I will let you guys know. Let me know if you use CVS and what works best for you!

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