October 1, 2008

Is Staying at Home a Waste of Your Time?

I just read another wonderful post by Lady Lydia at Home Living! It really speaks to me about keeping the home and how important it is whether you are a mother or just a wife. Please go read it here and tell me your thoughts! I, of course, do not think that staying at home is a waste of time. I agree completely with Lady Lydia's post. Unfortunately we do have to deal with people, women and men alike, who do not value our position at home. I know that my husband loves having me at home but unfortunately, due to our finances, he needs me to go back to work. I am not happy about this but in being submissive to my husband I need to oblige. He only wants me to go back to work until we have our first child (besides my 2 stepkids, of course, but they don't live with us) and then I can come home. He doesn't want anything to come in between me staying at home once we have children and feel that this will help prevent it. Unfortunately our finances are so bad that I need to get a full-time job. We have really been avoiding our finances for the past few months since I quit the lawfirm and it is time to be honest and work on paying our past due bills. We will continue to live our life the same with the low budget groceries and not going out and spending lots of money so hopefully we will be able to make our debt load more manageable. I do feel, that before I get a job outside of the home, I need to organize my life better around here so I am able to keep the house fairly the same as before. It's hard because I feel as though I am just getting the hang of things around the home and now I have to relearn how to prioritize my time. I was not very good at keeping the home when I was working full-time. I will have to rely on the Lord even more now for my strength and patience during this difficult time. I will keep all of you posted!

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