October 26, 2008

My CVS trip this week!

So I found out that going to CVS early is a good thing. I went before church at 8am. The Aurora location was not open until 10am, even though cvs.com said they were open at 8am (grr!) but the Lawrenceburg location was open at 8am. I like them better because they're newer and they print out coupons but it is a little bit further! Last week, lots of the free deals were already gone because I waited till, oh my gosh...Monday! Here's a look at my trip:


4 soyjoy bars $4
1 Bic Comfort 3 Advance Razor (4 ct.) $5.89
Newspaper $0.75


Soyjoy Buy 2 get 1 free ($1.00 savings)
$2 oof Bic razors

Used $5.27 ECB's
$2.41 oop (out of pocket)
Earned $8 ECB!

I'm so excited and did much better than last week! I also got a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription so I'll be using that hopefully for a while with my out of pocket costs! Yay me! If you want to learn more visit Money Saving Mom for some advice and see all of the scenarios!


  1. Great Blog, I always go as early as possible to CVS! You have been tagged!

  2. Here's a new site with giveaways.



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