October 21, 2008

My CVS trip this week!

Well, I have decided that I need to make my CVS trips on Sunday right after church. I went yesterday and most of the free stuff was already gone! And at 2 stores!

Here's was I got:

2 Brach Candy Corn 1.29 ECB each (free after ECB)
1 Powerade 1.69 ECB (free after ECB)
CVS beauty bars (2 count) 1 ECB (1.99 after ECB)

I had to get a bunch of other things too so to much out of pocket (oop). I redeemed 9.27 ECB and earned 5.27 ECB. Not too good this week but I guess I am still learning! I am trying to get all of my coupons organized and I want to separate my trips so I am not buying things that are not ECB earners for right now. Once I start to grow my ECB's then I will start using them to buy other things I need. Otherwise I just lose my ECB's instead of rolling them over.

If you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about and want to know more, go visit Money Saving Mom and check out her guides to CVSing!

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