November 8, 2008


I miss our Indian Summer! Not a big fan of cold. At least until Thanksgiving and Christmas! Have a great weekend!

November 7, 2008

Clothes for Hubby!

So I found this great new website for pants for hubby! He is so hard to shop for and his pants can get so expensive! Well go visit this website for tactical pants! I found a great pair marked down from $34.95 to $24.95 and they look really sturdy. Here is a list of their features:

A Total of 10 Pockets!
60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
Fade Resistant Fabric
Diamond Gusset Crotch
Cinch Waist System
Cargo Pockets with Organization System
Two D-Rings Per Cargo Pocket
Double Knee Fabric
Airport Friendly, Heavy Duty Hardware
Double Seat
Dual Front Slit Pockets
Dual Front D Rings
Lower Leg Pockets
Built In Blousing Strings
Slanted Cargo Pocket Flaps For Seated Access

Operator Tactical Pants has over 20 years experience in military and law enforcement clothing! Doesn't this sound like a company that you want clothing your big, strong man? I know my husband is really rough on his clothes and I think that these tactical pants would be able to withstand his daily labor. Go check them out!

How to deal with your dog?

I am having a lot of stress over my puppy! We have been leaving him out when we leave the house because he has broken out of his cage almost every time. He does okay but he does pee and poop on the carpet still. He also gets into things if we don't put everything completely out of his reach. He'll tear up bags and boxes. He likes to get the stuff on my computer table. One day (before we were wise to putting everything up) he ate an entire loaf of bread! Well today I was about to cry! I was coming home from the temp agency (getting some information about the assignment I'm starting on Monday) and he broke one of my china plates! My wedding present from my parents! Sooooooo mad! My husband's birthday was yesterday and we had steak and I put it on nice china with candles and wine! Trying to make it special since we couldn't go out to eat. Well I hadn't gotten to dishes yet and told my husband to leave them on the table because I didn't want them to chip in the sink. Bad mistake! Didn't even think of that before I left this money! I was so mad at him! I know we need to be more careful but he is a terror! Any advice?

Cheap Auto Insurance!

You know me! I hate to spend more than what I have to for an item! Especially something that isn't even fun! Hello car insurance! It used to be a really big budget buster in our house! I hate car insurance but sometimes it comes in really for example, when I caught my car on fire this past spring! I guess I finally got my money's worth. To get cheap auto insurance you need to compare quotes. One great website is! This is a great website to compare cheap auto insurance quotes. Enter your zipcode and will give you some of the best companies for cheap insurance. My page pulled up all the really big names so I know it's trustworthy. It makes it so easy because all of the companies are already there for you and then you plug in your information and get the best quote! How much easier can they make it for you to get really cheap auto insurance! Auto insurance can vary so much from company to company depending on their criteria. Why should you have to pay more just because a company has a different standard. Especially if you are getting the same coverage! This is definitely one way to be frugal ladies! I love how easy it is to navigate and there's no pressure of picking a certain company. is really looking out for your best interest and wants to help you get really cheap auto insurance! Now that we've compared our rates we only pay about $125 a month! Much better than the $250 per month that we used to pay! You owe it to yourself to try and save yourself some money. No obligation for a very easy quote. Go check them out!

November 6, 2008

Thrifty Thursday's

Welcome to another week of Thrifty Thursday's! This week's tip is to consider how much electricity you are using and if you can change it. My husband and I are conducting a frugal experiment - go see what we are doing!

We started trying to go without lights this week and it's hard. It's especially hard because it's dark out at 6pm. If I don't get dinner started right away then I'm cooking while it's dark. We have turned on the lights a few times but we are keeping it to a minimum. I'll keep you updated and let you know how much we save!

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November 4, 2008

Go vote!

Please go vote today and let your voice be heard!

November 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I love having my menus planned for the week. That way if things get busy, I have peace of mind when it comes to dinner. My husband likes to know what we're having as well.

Monday Baked Chicken, Baked Potatoes and Mixed Veggies

Tuesday Mamwiches

Wednesday Spaghetti, Salad

Thursday Soup (not sure what kind yet)

Friday Tuna Pea Wiggle

Saturday Jambalaya

I'm very excited for the Jambalaya! I haven't made it in awhile and it sounds yummy!

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