October 17, 2008

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I'll post more later!

October 16, 2008

Proverbs 31 Bible Study - Relationship with God

Wow! I thought that the last bible study topic was thought provoking! This topic really made stop and think. Two central thoughts that Amy shared was:

1) Our relationship with God is more important than any other relationship we could try to maintain or establish.

2) There is only one priority: God

Amy wanted us to think about whether or not we really knew God. You have to make an effort. You do that through being in his word, worship, prayer and serving his children. I am trying really hard on the first three. I am struggling on serving his children. Even my husband, which is sad. I have been in a funk lately that I have not been able to shake. Also with priorities, there is no priority list. There goes my God, husband, children, home, everything else theory I've been working on. Everything is equally important under God and the key is knowing what should be a priority and when. If the Lord tells you to do something then He will prepare the way. Thanks Amy for enlightening us on all of this. This is hard for me. I have a major problem with priorities so learning that God is my only priority actually makes it easier for me. If I focus on him then everything else should fall into place. Amy lets us know that it helps to be constantly praying over everything. That helps because most women do not have the time to spend an hour in prayer every morning. Praise the Lord for the beautiful day, pray when you need help with a decision, etc. I have been doing this more often and I hope and pray that I will continue this when I have to go back to work. It's actually the only thing that will help me to go on during the months that I have to go back to work.

Scripture for Memory

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

I love this! I pray to the Lord every night that I will begin to rely on him more and that he will direct my ways. Our question to ponder: Have you been following Him or trying to make your own path? I am slowly been following him instead of making my own path. It will take a long time to get where I need to be but I was definitely used to trying to be an independent woman. I am slowly learning to rely on Him and my husband. A true struggle for me is learning to rely on them for everything and not just the things that I am weak with. I say this because I do rely on my husband for a lot of things but their my choice. If I see myself as being more knowledgeable or competent with something than I felt I should control it. I am slowly learning and unraveling those old teachings.

Visit Amy for more insight on the bible study!

Thrifty Thursday's

Well I'm back with some more thrifty tips! My tip today is to get to know your local establishments. My husband is going hunting for the first time and had to get a bunch of hunting supplies. Well our local Wal-mart was lacking in certain areas (as it always is) and we had to drive almost an hour to go to Cincinnati to go to the Bass Pro shop (which Tim loves). I wouldn't mind because I like looking around too but it's kind of expensive and wastes a lot of gas and time. So the other day he was talking to people at work and he found out that there was a local hunting store! Score! It took us about 20 minutes to get there and had exactly what he wanted! I also feel better about stimulating our local economy and the small business owners than the great big corporations! So that was pretty exciting for us.
Visit Thrifty Jinxy for more Thrifty Thursday tips!

October 15, 2008

My CVS deals!

So I tried my CVS deals last week! I got the Always Infinity and got 4.98 ECB, Colgate MaxFresh and got 2.00 ECB and the Vitamin Water and got 2.29 ECB. I had a coupon for the Colgate MaxFresh so I got it for free! So that's a total of 9.27 ECB's and I spent 9.65 oop. I had 1 coupon for $1, 4 ECB and I also bought toilet paper because we were out. I really didn't see anything good for this week, especially because I'm just starting out with coupons so I'll just wait till next week. Thanks to Money Saving Mom for all of her great tips and showing us the good deals. Go visit her if your interested in CVSing or just saving money in general!

Proverbs 31 Bible Study - The True Woman of Proverbs 31

Wow! I have been gone for a long time! Life has been crazy...I haven't been able to focus online and did not want to work on this study until I was actually able to focus. We went to Red River Gorge a couple of weekends ago and had the kids last week. Tim has been really busy trying to get ready for his first hunting season! And we got a deep freezer for $20 today so he'll be able to hunt all he wants! So onto the study. This weeks study is entitled The True Woman of Proverbs 31. There are many different myths about this woman as we talked about in the last part of the study but no matter what angle you look at this proverb from we can come to these conclusions:

1) The spiritual aspect of Proverbs 31 is that this woman is a description of the bride of Christ.

2) She has a pure heart. God sees a clear distinction between a person's actions and a person's heart.

3) She fills her heart with God's word and praises to her King and He will give her the desires of her heart. The desires He placed within her.

This section of the Bible Study was a lot deeper to me than the others, which makes sense that I would feel this way as we progressed into our study. Knowing these qualities about this woman makes me feel better about myself. A question asked by Amy was why we should not compare ourselves to other women? I think that it is clear when we discuss who this woman truly is. We have to follow the desires that our Lord has put in our hearts and not try and be like other women around us. Only God knows what is best for us. It is pointless for us to try and be like the Joneses. I think that we will be more blessed when we do not stray from the plans that the Lord has for us. We also have to be open to these plans. I never thought that I would be a country girl but here I am a year later and I wouldn't have it any other way. I truly believe that God lead me to where I am today and I am glad that I followed. I have taken a lot of slack from other people but I can't compare myself to them and what they have done with their lives. I can only see what I have done with mine and pray for my family's future.
We have learned that the desires of a woman's heart are the following:

She desires to love God with all her heart, soul, and mind. (vs. 31:30)
She desires to be a good Godly wife (vs. 31:11, 12, 23, 28)
She desires to be a good Godly mother (vs. 31:28)
She desires to be a good manager of her household (vs. 31:15, 21, 27)
She desires to be resourceful (vs. 31:14, 16, 18, 24)
She desires to be used by God (vs. 31:13,17, 19, 20, 21)
She desires to be transformed by God (vs. 31:25, 26, 29, 31)

Scripture for Memory:

And ye shall seek me, and find [me], when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

-Jeremiah 29:13

That's all for now. I should be answering the other two parts of the study sometime this week (I am really behind). Please visit Amy if you want to join the study and for other people's responses.

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