October 22, 2008

Frugal Experiment!

Generally when you hear the words frugal experiment, you would think that it would come from me! No, not this time folks! My husband is finally joining the frugal journey after many months and years of working on him...well not too many years, we've only been together for 2 1/2. So drumroll please.......he wants to go without lights for the month of November! Of course, not the tv and computer and things like that, but it's a start! The big power outage from September and the other day when we had no lights in the bathroom made him think that it wouldn't be that hard. You know me, I'm all for trying to save money so I'm like okay! He wants to use only candles and we want to try and find a lantern for cooking and shaving, things like that. I am sooooo excited about this! What a great way to save money and what a great mindset change from my husband! His mother is so not frugal (name brand everything) so this has taken some undoing on my part :) The only bad part of this is that we are getting a deep freezer (which in of itself is a great thing) but it will use more electricity. So this may balance it out! I was very proud of us this month. We got our electricity down to $80! This past billing cycle was very mild weather and helped out a lot!

Has anyone ever tried anything like this? If you have what are your tips and concerns? Also, where can I find cheap lanterns? Any advice would be great!

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