October 27, 2008

Fun filled weekend!

Me and my husband had a fantastic weekend! I didn't think it would be very busy but we just played by ear. Friday night we rented movies and cuddled on the couch and ate popcorn! Always a good time! Saturday after Tim went hunting we were going to stop by the local Goodwill store to see if they had any deals. Well, they did! It was 50% off day and I got a really great coat for $15! I got a few other things as well. Then we went to explore the town of Batesville and stopped by a mom and pop store. It was one of those stores that had candy making supplies and fudge and cookies! Then we drove through Oldenburg (sp?), which is an old German town. Not extremely exciting but they had some really pretty churches. I then decided that we should make a roadtrip to Metamora which was very near to where we were. Metamora is this great canal town in Indiana, near Brookville Lake. It has tons of stores and activities to do. They actually have a safe trick or treat and we got to see a bunch of cute kids dressed up. We took the dog which wasn't the best idea but everyone loves our boxer! They think he is so cute! He is a good looking dog, he's just a handful! But I wouldn't trade him for anything. We walked through the town and then walked on a canal trail that passed by the corn maze. Then we were really tired and went home. Had some pizza and watched another movie! Oh and I forgot to mention! My pastor called me Saturday morning and said he was stopping by with something. He brought us over a box of food from Angel Food Ministries! We are so blessed! This is the second free box that we have received from them! Such a blessing with me not working right now! Now on to Sunday! Had a great church service and loved seeing everyone from church. Then we went to a friend's house. Tim's groomsmen and two of their parents got together and wanted to have a dinner for us to give us our presents from the wedding. It was so much fun. I always have a lot of fun when I'm with these people. They are so caring and giving and funny! It was great to see the kids too!

So that was my weekend! Now I'm just playing catchup with the house! Hope you have a great week!

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