October 29, 2008

What if you could get eyeglasses cheap?

I ask myself this question all the time! Eyeglasses are so expensive and insurance companies don't cover a lot of the expenses! Either you don't get the eyeglasses you need or you stay with the same outdated frames because you can't afford them. Forget it if you have multiple children who need eyeglasses! Who can afford that? If I could afford eyeglasses I would buy them for myself (I'm the only one in the family who needs them right now) but also I would buy a back-up pair, just in case.

Well I have found my answer.....Zenni Optical! They have eyeglasses starting off at $8.00!!!! Yes, you heard me right! How can that be, you ask? Well they have no middleman selling only their own manufactured frames direct to you. They also have virtually no advertising budget, which allows them to sell at a low cost to you! It can't get any better than that! If you don't believe me, then read this great article over at the Chicago Tribune! People are spending entirely too much money on eyeglasses!

Please take a look at these eyeglasses! They are really cute! I hate spending more than I have to. When you are resourceful, that frees up money for fun things, like taking your kids to the amusement park! Make the smart choice and consider Zenni Optical for your next eyeglasses purchase!


  1. Thanks for the tip. I've told three of my friends so far. I've enjoyed your blog. I love talking about frugality too (although today I blogged about marriage). I also have The Tightwad Gazette, great tips in there. God bless and nice to "meet" you.

  2. Your welcome! I'll have to check out your post! Talking about being frugal is so great! Nice to meet you as well!


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