November 19, 2008

Back to Work - part 2

After an anonymous comment that I received on this first post, I feel compelled to elaborate. Now this is not something that I will get in a habit of but I'd like to put it all out there! Or least most of it! Need some privacy! First of all, my blog is not for debate or criticism. There is enough of that in the real world. I love my blogging world because I feel like I can connect with women who are similar to me, with similar values. I do not get a lot of that in the real world, especially since I have went back to work. That is why I deleted the anonymous comment. It was said in a critical tone, or at least that is the way that I took it. Now, I may have been quick to judge, but I don't want to start a trend of those comments on my blog. This lady's intentions may have been pure, but it may start other people having negative comments towards my blog. Now I know that I can reject them but I don't personally want to read them. Just reading them is enough to bring my spirits down.

Ok. Now that that's out of the way. As you know from my last post I just returned back to the workforce. Not by my choice. I am submitting to my husband on this one. He wants me to go back to work because of financial reasons. He has tried to get a second job but where we live everything closes early. Now right there, I know that there is some controversy. But my standpoint is in line with what I have read in the Bible and very similar to other Christian keepers of the home that I have met online. The man is to provide and the women is to keep the home. Now it is not a sin for a woman to work outside of the home, so if it is her husband's wishes, she should submit. Then pray that your husband will change his mind and make it work on one income. Now, this is of course, if you are being a good keeper of the home. This is not an excuse to be lazy at home and sit on your laurels. You need to be working. To be completely honest with everyone, I was not working as hard as I could be. So my husband had every right to ask me to go back to work. I have major self discipline problems, lack of energy and motivation. And I just don't like to clean! As I think most women don't. I sort of slapped God in the face with that one. It is a blessing to be able to stay home and make a good home for my family. I am slowly learning that. I have asked God to be patient with me as in this area I am a slow learner. I am hoping that he will bring me home quickly and with my husband's approval and understand that this is only a season of my life and I must have patience.

But do know, that I was not fighting my husband the whole time I was home. There are many circumstances regarding it and if you read back earlier in my blog you will be able to figure them out. The past couple months, my husband has been in conflict about it. He wanted me home, but at the same time, doesn't want to lose our home. He hates that I am gone right now (I'm working second shift at the moment) but knows that we need the money right now.

So that's my story. Hopefully it doesn't make everything more confusing. If you have any personal questions, feel free to ask. If it's too personal, I will probably email you instead of commenting on the blog about it!

I hope that you all continue to read my blog and share with me your journeys.


  1. I'm sorry you are having to go through that. Nobody needs negativity on their blogs. I'm sure your family's decision for you to go back to work was a hard and personal one, and nobody else should be able to judge whether or not it was the right one for you. Good luck!


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