November 14, 2008

Back to Work

Well after 9 months I'm back to work. Let me tell you, it is weird. I've really gotten used to being a wife at home and a homemaker and getting a routine in place before we have children. But we needed the money bad and I'm supposed to be a submissive wife. At least I'm trying. I've been working hard since working on my Proverbs 31 bible study. Well hubby says if we want to keep the house I need to go back to work until we have a baby. So off I am! Well not wanting to complain about my situation or my husband I actually just need some advice. I am working second shift and my husband works first shift. To be exact, he leaves at 4:50am and comes home around 4:15pm and I will be leaving around 2:45pm and get home around 11:45pm. So we won't be seeing each other Monday-Thursday (those are the only days I'm working - it's part time for now). So I was wondering if any of you work the opposite shift from your signaficant other and how do you deal with it? It doesn't help that we're trying to get pregnant right now either! Kinda have to see each other for that. We are also newlyweds. Unfortunately this is the only job the temp agency had available and I haven't been able to find a job on my own. So for the time being it is my own choice. I know that this is only for a season of my life and if God wants me back home he will help me find a way home. We just really need to work on getting the bills paid right now!

I also need advice on how to get everything done around the house when working. It's been awhile since I've been a working woman and was not doing such a great job when I left work. I've always had a problem with keeping the house and organizing and such. Not a very motivated person! But I am trying and looking to the Lord for my strength.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


  1. My husband is a paramedic and works 24 hour (sometimes 48 hour when he works overtime) shifts, and it is delightful. We each do what we want when we want and we aren't distracted when we're together. ENJOY your time alone. There's nothing better than not seeing your husband half the week! :-P

  2. I don't believe that wives should be submissive, I believe in equality and teamwork. As far as working different shifts it takes adjustment. It will present a challenge as far as getting pregnant. Perhaps something else will open up with the temp agency. Also since you aren't leaving until 2:45 you could look for another position while you're working and interview before work.

  3. I am still trying to figure out how to get all done. LOL.... I thought I was done being mommy.... then one came home in August... he leaves in december, then another will be home in jan for about 5 months.... they may be adults... but they do take up time! LOL I am going crazy!

  4. We had a schedule like that for awhile. We would meet each other for lunch if at all possible. Also, it's fun to leave each other notes so that we had that personal contact. I would also put little notes in his wallet, his pocket, or in his lunch, just to let him know that I was thinking of him.

    We also had a time, after the kids were born, that he would fly out on Monday and return on Thursday.

    This is just a season of life and you will get through it, though it's hard getting used to. I just found things to occupy my time. I puttered around the house alot. I read, visited with friends, organized my closets and cupboards, talked to the dog, danced around the house like an idiot...whatever I felt like doing.

    I can't imagine how military wives do it, with their husband being gone so long. I guess you just do it.

  5. My husband worked opposite shifts than I did for awhile. It IS hard, but you just have to get through it and like you said, it's only for a season.

    Maybe later on, you can find something that coincides with his schedule better.


  6. I'm in no place to give advice here, believe me. I can barely handle blogging and taking care of our daughter. I do know that if you search for blogs or websites on organization for housekeeping, you'll find some good info. Hope you get into a routine that works for you.


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