May 28, 2008


Well my wedding is about 6 weeks away and I am so excited! At the same time I am just ready for it to be here. Planning a wedding is really hard and time consuming. I can't even imagine if I was working full-time still. Today I need to go register for gifts. We are registering at 3 different places: Macys, Bed Bath and Beyond and Bass Pro Shop. Bass Pro Shop is for Tim, of course. But did you know that they have really great cooking stuff? They have a whole line of cast iron cookware that I am in love with! So I still get to register for a few things there. It is so overwhelming to register! Trying to decide what you want and what you'll need. We wanted to register for some things that we would never be able to afford ourselves and then of course just things that we needed. Luckily our house is already set up so we have a lot of things but most of them are really cheap and need replacing or hand me downs. Nothing wrong with that but I'm excited to get to pick out my own stuff. I registered for china the other day at Macys. I know that china doesn't seem very frugal and a lot of my friends who are not frugal did not register for china but me and my mom talked about it. She got china when she was married and she uses it for every holiday gathering. It's our tradition. My mom is really big into little traditions like that and she says it is nice to have. Plus if we don't register for it we would probably never be in the position to buy it ourself. The pattern that I registered for is really pretty....not to trendy and not colorful so it will go with everything. Today I'm going to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and register for all of my little kitchen items. I love cooking so kitchen products are a very big deal for me. I get so much use out of all of them. Well that's enough rambling for today. So, when you got married, did you have a registry and what did you register for?

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