May 29, 2008

My Puppy Doesn't Listen to Me!

I love my puppy very much but he drives me crazy! He won't listen to me! We have a boxer and he is about 8 months old. His name is Captain and he is generally a good puppy. Meaning that he is not mean or anything. He doesn't listen worth a dime though. He constantly chews on stuff which was really bad for awhile because my house was such a mess there was all kinds of stuff for him to chew on. Especially in our bedroom. He would wake up in the middle of the night and get bored and chew. Now, because of FlyLady, my house is much cleaner and he has less to chew on. The really big problem is that he does not come when I tell him to. We live out in the country and have about an acre of land and no fence. Most people let their dogs roam around here. Captain used to do great and not go very far away. Then he started visiting the dog behind us (it's a girl!) but he would come back. Then he started to visit our neighbor across the street. Now I don't mind that he visits because our neighbor loves him and gives him treats but I don't like him crossing the street. Well the worst is that I let him out to go bathroom and I go to call him back in and he looks at me and then runs away. I cannot catch him! He hops around and is much to quick for me. It drives me crazy! I don't like to let him outside anymore. I started putting him on a leash when he goes to bathroom and I have to take him out (thankfully it's warm now!) and if I'm working outside he goes in his kennel. I even tried taking him outside to play one day and he ran away from me. We also got a kennel instead of putting him in the cage when we leave but he escaped. He pulled the bottom wires apart and got out. We fixed them and he broke them again! We are planning on getting an underground fence as soon as we get some more money. That'll take care of him leaving the yard but I need help on getting him to listen to me. Any tips?

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  1. We took our puppy to puppy kindergarten. It was well worth it and he learned how to behave, be on leash without pulling or off leash and listen (most of the time). We also used clicker training and small rewards with a click for good behavior. I don't have cable but The Dog Whisperer is a good show! :)



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