May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It was so great to have Tim home this weekend! We had a great holiday weekend. Very busy! Saturday we went to the Taste of Cincinnati with a few friends and had a great time! We don't get to go out with my friends very much so it was nice to get out. Yesterday we worked on the garden and today Tim's family came over and helped put up the shed. I am so excited that we finally have a shed. We look like hillbillies with all of our lawn equipment and bikes on the side of the yard. Hopefully we'll be able to get all of the tools and Tim's stuff in there.

I had such a great time with our nephews! I can't wait to have kids. Hopefully by next spring I'll be pregnant. I wished they lived closer. It took them an hour and a half to get to us. That's why we don't visit all that much!

This will be a really busy week. I'm thrown off with the holiday today. Tomorrow I volunteer and have my Mary Kay meeting. I have 5 million phone calls to make tomorrow too. Mostly wedding phone calls. These next weeks are going to be crazy. My parents got the invitations out on Saturday so I am so excited. My bridal showers are coming up too! I'm just ready to be married. It's been such a long engagement!

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