May 25, 2008

Our Garden is Finally Tilled!

Wow! I didn't even till the garden and I'm exhausted. I love my fiance! He tilled it for me. We borrowed a tiller from our friend. I worked on breaking up the clumps and getting all the grass out. That is hard work! There is so much grass! Tim tilled it twice and I don't want to ask him to do it again because this is his weekend home. I am so excited to get my vegetables in the garden. I know that I am starting very late but better late than never as I see it. My tomatoes are doing good in their containers and I bought a strawberry plant the other day. Who else is doing gardens this year and how are your plants doing? My neighbor's garden doesn't seem to be doing too well. It's been below average weatherwise around here lately. It finally feels warm enough this weekend. I'm going to work as quickly as I can to get the grass out of my garden and then I'll plant the seeds. Wish me luck!

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