November 7, 2008

How to deal with your dog?

I am having a lot of stress over my puppy! We have been leaving him out when we leave the house because he has broken out of his cage almost every time. He does okay but he does pee and poop on the carpet still. He also gets into things if we don't put everything completely out of his reach. He'll tear up bags and boxes. He likes to get the stuff on my computer table. One day (before we were wise to putting everything up) he ate an entire loaf of bread! Well today I was about to cry! I was coming home from the temp agency (getting some information about the assignment I'm starting on Monday) and he broke one of my china plates! My wedding present from my parents! Sooooooo mad! My husband's birthday was yesterday and we had steak and I put it on nice china with candles and wine! Trying to make it special since we couldn't go out to eat. Well I hadn't gotten to dishes yet and told my husband to leave them on the table because I didn't want them to chip in the sink. Bad mistake! Didn't even think of that before I left this money! I was so mad at him! I know we need to be more careful but he is a terror! Any advice?


  1. Hello! We are dealing with our puppy too. She is a toy poodle so she can't jump up very high, which is fortunate. During the day (if we're home) we keep her in the kitchen by putting up gates. She can't get out so my carpet is safe.

    At night, and if we have to be gone for a few hours, we put her in a kennel in another room. She has not been able to get out of that, and she doesn't potty in there because they don't want to soil their sleeping quarters.

    If we're going to be gone for many hours (like all day),I leave her in the bathroom and close the door (after putting up the wastebasket and the scale so she can't chew).

    When we leave her that long in the bathroom, I put down a puppy training pad that I buy at Walmart. These work amazingly well. There is something on the pad that attracts the dog to it and she goes potty on it. Fortunately, she doesn't chew it up either (although my friend's dog does).

    One friend suggested to me that I put her on a leash and tether her to me all day, in order to facilitate potty training. I have yet to do it but I am considering it because we're having trouble training her.

    I do take her outside and reward her with a treat for going potty.

    Have you heard of a Kong toy? They sell it at Walmart and Pet Stores. You're supposed to put food in it and it's supposed to keep the dog busy for hours. I haven't tried it because I was afraid she'd choke on the food or something.

    Come by my blog if you want to see a picture of my puppy. It's under "Our puppy" in the archives. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the advice! We have a boxer so he is quite big! He probably doesn't weigh much less than my 10 year old stepdaughter! Our main problem is that we trained him very poorly at the beginning and now we are paying for it!


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