September 16, 2008

Crazy Wind Storms in Midwest

We got a horrible wind storm on Sunday afternoon all across the midwest! In one part of Ohio, there were winds up to 84 mph. Now I don't think it was that bad around us in Indiana but it got pretty rough. We were in church late that day and the lights kept on flickering. We didn't think anything of it and left church. It was windy but we thought we were getting storms that day. When we got home our outside plastic table was flipped over and broken and our basketball hoop was knocked over! Thank God we were in church, otherwise the basketball hoop would have fell on our car! It got pretty bad over here and we lost electricity for about a day and lost more than half of the siding on our house. But in comparison with a lot of other people we did okay. Kentucky and Cincinnati are saying that this is the worst power outage of all time. At one point, 1 million people were out of power in Cincinnati! They may not have power for the rest of the week! My parents and inlaws still don't have power! We are very fortunate to get our power back so early! I think this storm helped us to see that we need to be more prepared for emergencies in the future. Luckily we had the candles from our wedding a few months back so we had light! Please pray for everyone in our area right now!

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