September 24, 2008

Spending Way Too Much in Gas!

Gas has to be one of our budget busters! I added up what we spent in gas last month (this is an estimation because certain items in my checkbook I wasn't sure if it was for gas or if hubby got a drink and a snack at the gas station or had to buy wiper fluid.....need to start asking if after every transaction!) and it looks like we spent $432.67! And I don't work! So I rarely use the car for anything! Honestly the truck stays parked most of the time because it isn't working too good right now! That is ridiculous! It works out to be filling up about 2 times a week. Doesn't sound too bad I guess. Last month we did drive a lot because my best friend was getting married and she lives in Cincinnati (about 40 miles away). We also have to get the kids every other weekend and where we meet is at least an hour away. So we have to drive that Friday and Sunday every other weekend. The one thing that saves us is that Tim carpools to work. He drives every third week. But where he meets for carpool is like 9 miles away! Living in the country definitely has its drawbacks sometimes! It really scares me because I need to get a job for the time being and I'll have to drive a minimum of 20 miles roundtrip everyday! Our gas bill can't go up anymore! We really don't go anywhere else (now that my friend's wedding is over) besides Tim work, pick up kids, grocery store and church. Luckily our church is 5 minutes down the road! Sorry I'm just ranting but it helps me to see why we are struggling so much right now! I've always had a hard time adding up our gas bill for some reason and figuring out an average. I'm hoping that this is close to right so now we can start working on it and figuring out a more realistic budget. I really wish gas would go down! It makes it such a struggle for the average family! Well that's enough of my ranting for today! Have a great day!

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