May 1, 2008

There are No Economic Hard Times

What do you think about this? I read a post on Living on a Dime's blog and the author says that it is mostly because of people's lifestyle. I have to agree. Although me and my fiance are having a hard time it is because mostly of our past choices. And we don't even have much to show for our past choices. We have tons of credit card debt but most of my lifestyle choices dealt with drinking and eating out. Nothing to show for all of that except for the extra weight :( People are whining because they have to give up premium cable and fast internet and can't drive their big SUV's all over town. Most of those people probably didn't have the money to live that lifestyle then so now they are unprepared as some prices are going up. I'm not an expert in this area but I am definitely learning and trying to be a more conscious consumer. Read the blog and let me know your opinion!

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