May 6, 2008

Great Week So Far!

Me and Tim are having the best week so far! As many of you know, we are down to only one car right now. Since I'm working from home it is doable but still hard. It's really hard on Tim when I have the car because he has never been without a car since he turned 16! So we were talking to our pastor after church on Sunday and saying how we were looking for a car and it turned into our pastor just bought his wife a new car and they were selling their minivan! We got a great minivan for $1500!!!! We are sooooo excited! We really needed a minivan and we wanted to not have another car payment! I am so excited! Perfect timing!

Best week item #2: We need a lawnmower! Our yard looks like a forest right now! We have one but it is not working. Tim has tried everything! Then it'll work for 5 minutes and stop. We have an acre of land so 5 minutes definitely doesn't cut it. We just don't have the money to go out and buy a riding lawnmower. Well, Tim told me the other day that we are going to get his grandpa's old lawnmower! Yes! Life is great right now!

Now if only people would start booking Mary Kay would be perfect! Hey, we're getting there! But seriously, we are just so blessed and lucky to have the resources that we have. Keeping it down to one car payment will make it so much easier for me to keep working from home and not have to get a full-time job outside of the house. We are learning that we just need to be patient and good things will come!

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