February 6, 2008

Mary Kay update!

I am a brand new Mary Kay Individual Beauty Consultant! I am so excited! I cannot wait to have my debut party on Saturday. If any of you are in the Ohio or Indiana area please visit my website if you do not have a consultant. I'd really appreciate it! Life has been so crazy with starting Mary Kay! My last day of work is Friday so hopefully after the weekend things will calm down a little bit. That's right, I said it! My last day of a j-o-b is Friday!!!!!! I am going to go full throttle with Mary Kay considering my options! Me and Tim do have the understanding that if I am not bringing home enough to pay my portion of the bills, I will have to find a part-time job until I am bringing home enough money. So we will see! I am so excited because I will be home more with my puppy and my stepson when he stays with us during the summer! I am very nervous starting out so if anyone has any advice or just an opinion I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for reading!

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