January 25, 2008

Very Hard Week

I had a very hard week this week. I am at my wit's end at work and wanted to quit immediately two times this week. I had a heart to heart with the lady that trained me and she helped me out a lot. She pretty much said you're depressed, no job is worth your health, you don't want to start a marriage out like this, etc. Very good points that was nice for an outsider to point out. I think I will put my two weeks in on Monday. Tim wanted me to think it over the weekend and I agreed. I think I'll try to find a waitressing job for now. There is not much available over here and I just want a job. I am done trying to find a career outside of the home. I may try to stop at a few restaurants this weekend in between all the other million things I have to do. Thanks for letting me vent!

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