November 24, 2008

CVS Trip this Week

I love shopping at CVS! It is so much fun! Sunday I realized that in my area, I'm not the only one. We were late getting up that morning and I didn't make it to CVS until 8:30 (the horror! :) ) and they were already out of the contact solution! Darn! And I actually needed contact wasn't something that I was just buying because it was free. Well I was talking to the cashier and she said that when there is good free stuff, people are lined up at the door! Mental note taken! So since I had $15.99 in ECBs from last week I had to do some quick thinking. I didn't earn as many ECBs as I wanted but I got them down to a more manageable size. 15.99 is hard to spend some weeks to roll them over.

Okay for my shopping trip:

Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation $8.99 ECB
Dial Soap Gold $1 ECB
Toilet Paper (we needed some)
Coke and Milkyway (to bring my total up)
Tape (donated to the troops and to get my total up)


$3 off maybelline foundation

15.99 ECB

Total oop: $0.20!!!!! Such a wonderful feeling!

Now I realize that I spent my money a little foolishly but in my defense I was so hungry that morning and we didn't have time to make breakfast so it helped my stomach stay quiet during church!

I earned $9.99 in ECBs for next week, which I think is much more manageable. I also got a coupon for $2 off any L'oreal skincare and I got an email for $4 off cosmetics which I didn't have a chance to print off yet.

On a different note I was looking at my receipt and total savings so far $107.46 since I started CVS shopping! Wow! That is pretty exciting since I have only been doing this since the end of September! I love CVS!

Go visit Money Saving Mom and Deal Seeking Mom for more CVS deals and scenarios!


  1. hehe, when there is good free stuff some would even go there in the wee hours of the morning just to make sure they get in first. ;)

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)


  2. Yes they would. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by my site!

  3. I need to check out how to shop at CVS and take advantage of the deals you get. In our area, CVS is quite expensive, even if you have one of their cards. I usually end up running to our local Wal-Mart free-standing grocery store or popping into a Wal-Greens. But, there is a CVS right at the edge of our area, on the main road that leads back to our neighborhood. So, I would do well to figure out how to shop well there.

  4. Great job, Jessica! Thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it!


  5. Tara,

    Thanks! And your welcome for the mention! I love your website and have learned so much from it! I love helping other people out by directing them to people that I have learned from.


    I know what you mean by CVS being expensive! It is if you are not doing the deals! You have to be careful and start off slow. Visit Tara that also commented. She is the owner of and does a great job of explaining it and laying out the deals for you. I visit her every week before I do my CVSing! Good luck!


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