June 19, 2008

Thrifty Thursday's

Hey everyone! My tip for today is to consolidate your trips to save gas. Can you believe how much gas is? We have gas stations that have it for $4.21! That is awful. We need to start changing our driving habits to make an impact. Tim does great and carpools. He only has to drive once every 3 weeks so that helps out a lot. If you are going to the grocery store, take out your money for the week at the bank or make your deposits. Also make sure that you have a grocery list and plan ahead so you do not need to make needless trips. Sometimes you may have to go out to replenish produce and milk but don't make an extra trip to get toothpaste. If you are running low stock up on a few extra. It also helps if they are on sale at that time. Also plan your trips in order. I generally try and go to the farthest place first. Some people do clockwise or counterclockwise but most of our stuff is on the main strip (US 50) or in Milan so we don't get a chance to make very many circles. Try to group your trips too. I generally go to either Milan or Aurora/Lawrenceburg and try not to go to both in one day because it's a very long trip. Planning ahead will definitely help you in your quest for saving gas money! I'd love to hear your gas saving tips as well!

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