January 17, 2008

Ways I Save Money

There are many different ways that we try to save money. A big one is that I try to turn off the lights when we are not in the room. The kids are very bad at that and Tim is learning. They call me a nazi but last month our electricity bill went up over $100! We can't afford that. I also try to keep the heat down low, especially since we at work most of the day. I've been using a heating pad to keep warm lately; I'm hoping that this does not make my electricity bill go up. We also use mostly cold water for laundry unless the load is extremely dirty. We do not buy dryer sheets and use fabric softner. I also try to stretch my grocery dollar as far as possible. We eat many frugal meals, including a lot of bean meals. It was a success the other day because the kids actually liked my split pea soup! Would have never expected that. Tim used to tease me because of all the bean meals and soups but he is starting to really like some of them. The crockpot has been my lifesaver with cooking beans. It took way too much advanced planning to make them before and many dinners at 8:30 at night. My honey does not like that! We also try to stay out of the stores as much as possible. I can't remember the last time I bought new clothes for any of us. I want to start shopping at different grocery stores for the best price but I have been lazy about it. I'm going to start getting prices tonight, starting with Kroger. Well that is just a few ideas. Do any of you have any ideas to add?


  1. Hi. I found your link over at Minimalist Mommy's blog. Our heating bill reaches $200. this time of year- that's with turning the heat very low at night (I too sleep with a heating pad) and conserving in many other ways. I am a stickler on the lights being turned off. My biggest saving area is clothing- I shop at all the local thrift stores (they know me by name). I get alot of new-with-tag clothing that way. And also find items to sell on ebay (just small-time selling). I'm enjoying checking out the frugal sites for new ideas!

  2. Thanks for visiting! Our electricity bill was $224 last month but I think I was careless the month before. We don't have gas out here. I need to find local thrift stores around here. We've only been here for a few months and working so far away doesn't leave much time for exploring. Hope you learn as many things as I have reading all the different blogs.


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